Founded in 2007, Janine and Matthew Nunnery along with Trevor Thompson were looking for a platform to make cartoons. In 2009, Lili Ohanian joined the studio and production on a pitch tape for 'Rocketship Rangers In Technocolor' began.

In the summer of 2008, when the studio was boarding the Manx, Itchy and Twink cartoon 'A Little Fairy Tail' the ever-present question of funding came up and had to be dealt with. Trevor Thompson took his creation and tried to find a format that allowed for a small amount of money to fund a season of animation and still pay tribute to the classic and all-but-dead animation principles and disciplines of the past. A little research revealed that it would be feasible to get eleven to fourteen minutes of animation per show, so Trevor needed a way to pad the show to a half hour.

Borrowing from an old format used in the late fifties and sixties, the hosted puppet cartoon show, Booo Tooons came up with this concept. The three characters from 'A Little Fairy Tail' would host the live action / puppet segments and will bookend the fourteen minutes of animation ( broken up into two short cartoons ). It is currently the only thing the studio is working on.

Booo Tooons is also active as a "blooog" among animation blogs online. Animation organizations and preservation societies as well as Individual artists who have worked on shows like Ren and Stimpy, Spongebob Squarepants, The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse and animated segments in movies such as 'Tenacious D: Pick of Destiny' all have blogs and link to Booo Tooons' blooog and exchange information and gags. And drawings! Fun, happy drawings!!!

Yes friends, Booo Tooons is there for you. We really are. We make funny cartoons for you and that's a big help, right? We got yer back. If you need a couch to sleep on, we'll tell our friend who has a couch and you could probably stay there for a few days. At least during the day... at night, her boyfriend's home and he doesn't allow guests. So just pop down to the bar for a few hours and then sneak in that night and sneak out that morning..... until he goes to work, then you can stay there all day.

See, we're there for you. Booo Tooons. For your face.