To audition, you will need to perform part of the script with the puppets. Please do not recite for us an 'audition monologue' from some forgotten Tennessee Williams drama. Below is a jpeg of the audition piece you will have to memorize.

In this scene Manx, Twink and Itchy have just left Earth's orbit but are still within the solar system and recording their pitch to the networks. Twink is in center with the puppets on either side of her.

You will also be required to improvise a scenario with the puppets. These auditions will be taped for consideration.


Considering the unexpected high volume of people interested in auditioning, we're trying to make it easier for all concerned. If you have a video camera or webcam ( no cell phone videos please ) you can film your audition, put it up on a website ( like YouTube ) and send us the link.

When filming, remember where you are in relation to the puppets. This mock-up should give you some idea.

Have a friend say Manx and Itchy's lines off camera and remember to look at them ( or where they would be!! ) when they speak and then look at the camera when you say your lines. It would be good form also to read up on Twink's character and story ( top two buttons on the left ).

Then, when you have successfully uploaded the video, send the link to us.