1. I thought you said there was no nudity. The pictures show she doesn't wear pants. What gives you dirty liar?

There is no nudity required of you. The character doesn't wear pants, but neither do Manx or Itchy, or for that matter, Porky Pig, Donald Duck, Angelina Ballerina or a slew of other well-known cartoon characters. Like white gloves, it's a staple in many cartoon characters of the day.

Since the live action host segments feature interpretations of the characters ( ie: puppets and an actress ) naturally we have to depict her as she is in the drawings. But that doesn't mean we need you to be naked. It's theatrical nudity, not real nudity.

2. What the hell is theatrical nudity, you perv?

Theatrical nudity is a term used when a character in a play or film has to be naked but instead of real nudity make-up or body suits are employed. You will be wearing a custom made costume which will reveal less than a bathing suit would.

3. Is this a paying gig?

As cheap as it sounds, that depends solely on the person we hire. Pretty much every dollar saved has to show up on screen, so there's not a lot of money in the budget for an actress we'll be using once.

That being said, Twinklebelly takes up most of the screen most of the time, so the more enthusiastic, cooperative and game you are, the more likely you'll be considered an asset.

4. How much of my time will the show take?

We will want a week's worth of rehearsal with you and the puppets, plus making the costume of Twink cannot begin until you are cast. The costume is relatively simple, so based on your schedule there will be days where you will be needed for fitting purposes. The actual shooting will take place in a warehouse on a Saturday night til early Sunday morning in October.

5. Do I need to provide my own transportation?

If you're the right person for the role, we'll come pick you up if we have to. But, we'd prefer it if you had a car.

6. When the show gets picked up and you begin production, will you hire me to play Twink or will you recast?

Again, this depends solely on you. While everyone working on the show is based in the Sarasota area, believe me, it WILL NOT be produced here once it's purchased.

Booo Tooons likes cartoons and shows to have a 'homemade' feel, and likes the idea of crew being like family, so if you're the right fit for Twink, and are willing to relocate to the west coast to produce the show, then we'd love to have you. If this is just something to put on your resume, then no worries.

7. Will I get to record Twinklebelly's voice for the cartoons?

Nope. She's voiced by Booo Tooon Marooon Janine Nunnery. In fact, Janine will probably be consulting you on how to approximate the voice. She may also give you some DVDs of old black and white movies to watch.

8. Can my boyfriend come?

Why are you asking me? You should be the one to answer that.

9. No, dummy! I mean, can I bring my boyfriend to the audition and shooting?

The audition, yes. The shooting, no. He'll just be bored and will get in the way asking dumb questions. You know how he is.

10. Can I improv?

Can you or may you?