Twinklebelly is small in size, big in heart and quick of wit. She loves Manx and Itchy as a big sister, but is not above using her feminine wiles to get things out of them.

She is very smart but playful and is not beyond playing pranks. She possesses magical abilities but never uses them. In an interview for FITZGERALD AND COLLIERS she was asked why this was, and the only thing she could say is that most women with her figure rarely need to employ the occult to get what they want.

The only magical ability she uses on occasion is she can alter her size.

Like many cartoon characters who evolve over the years, her appearance has changed as her character evolves. In the 40s her eyes were a different shape, and her wings looked more mosquito-like.

The staples that haven't changed through the decades are big hips and rump, fair skin and magenta / pink / red hair. She wore different tops through the decades, but never wore pants. Her wings evolved as well and now are very simple in design. She also used to have an upper and lower wing on either side, but now only has two uppers.