In 1941 she appeared in her first theatrical cartoon 'A Little Fairy Tail' opposite Manx & Itchy. She made history because she was one of a number of cartoon hecklers. Woody Woodpecker, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Heckle and Jeckle had set the tone for the heckler, but Twinklebelly was the first, and for thirty years the only female heckler. She charmed Manx and Itchy while simultaneously heckling them and thus, seduced and melted America's heart.

For nineteen more years she, along with Manx, Itchy, Howdy Cowpoke, Butch, Cassidy, Bedhead and a slew of cartoon characters made adult cartoons for Firecracker Studios. When old theatrical cartoons were beginning to be shown on television, the Firecracker executives followed suit. Before long, angry parents groups burned the studio down in an effort to squelch the broadcasting of these offensive images.

By 1980, the only cartoons shown on TV that she did were re-edited versions of the original theatricals. Almost every joke was removed, leaving an average length for a cartoon roughly three minutes ( the originals were anywhere from seven to eight minutes ). There was also a concerted effort to re-animate her with skirts and shorts on. The new animation stood out like a sore thumb and only fed a growing desire to return her cartoons with Manx and Itchy to their former pants-less glory.

This wasn't enough, however, for the newly formed P.A.T.C.H. ( Parents Against Their Children's Happiness ). Afraid that the re-edited cartoons would spawn interest in Firecracker's former empire, and to prevent anyone doing the research and finding out that there were unedited versions at one time, they collected all the original film prints, and shot them into the center of outer space, never to be viewed again. Or so they thought.

Upset at the idea that their fans would never get to see their original works, Twink and her two former co-stars took control. Of course you know this means war. They built a rocket ship out of a Valiant's whiskey bottle, dubbed it 'The Sour Mash' and are now traveling across the space time continuum collecting all their old cartoons and broadcasting them live, once a week, from the ship.